Updates and Halloween


This video was posted a little later than I wanted but here are some updates! When I made this video, it was before our last game this weekend on the Nov. 2nd but I edited the video to show our current wins and loses. Below are links to watch the games and see the schedule of the entire Spanish league.

“Your Welcome.” –Sadie from Awkward.

I try putting all of the information in a fun way that wont bore anybody and it isn’t easy at all but it is fun. While doing all of the recording, video editing, advertising and coming up with ideas is a handful and pretty much a full-time job, I think it’ll be rewarding at the end of my career. Because if I can join the basketball world and art world closer together, than I should be able to make a bomb ass movie later in life. WHAT I MEAN IS, if I want to get anywhere with my graphic design abilities than I need to use basketball to me where I need to be.

I suggest everybody use this method to get to where they want in life because life is TOO short!









About Fínados

2nd Page About Fínados

Basketball Schedule

Watch our games here! Remember to click Gran Canaria!!



– Jahlil Beats – Triangle Success


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