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1385723_10202498204835775_1579359329_nOn “Sí-C’s Epic’s”, I’m here to show you my EPIC fails and EPIC wins while playing basketball overseas.

For 167 days, I will show and tell you my experiences in the great country of Spain! OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY I VISIT! During these days I will do my best to show you the town, the people and the games while here. Through my experiences shown on Youtube I hope for you to take what I have learned and use it to your advantage. The life of a professional athlete isn’t for everyone but at least you can see what your in for by watching this Youtube channel. Now sit back, watch, like, comment and last but not least… SUBSCRIBE!


“U” Cluj

…to be continued.


It’s a shame I only played in Ferrol, Spain for half of a season but I learned so much from my teammates and my coach. Again there were ups and downs but what team doesn’t have those, am I right? I loved being apart of this club because it was one of the few teams that actually went out and did things together. Even if there were not a large number of things to do. We made it work. I have so many great stories about the team, city, and everything that there isn’t enough time and space to explain them all. Besides, what other city would you ever try eating pig ears in?


After a great month of preseason in Bembibre, Spain (Northwest of Spain), I struggled so hard after getting hurt. After being mentally, physically, and emotionally stressed in that short time, I became great friends with some of the girls and was able to indulge in the culture and the city, small as it is. Plus, my cousin made my experience there SOO much better.

Conquero in Huelva, Spain11006382_10205048306382778_3862947491964881450_n

At the beginning of the season I would have never thought that I would actually have a good year. After some time with great teammates and fans, I learned what it really means to have a family. Even though all of the teams I have been on have been great but this year was definitely a learning experience. Even when things weren’t looking good, we KNEW we had each others backs and that is real love.

September 22, 2013

Gran Canaria

1797527_10203333342113685_1611055461_nThis was my first year as a professional athlete. Coming out of college, I didn’t think that I would be playing basketball anymore but I recieved a last minute call to Gran Canaria. Who wouldn’t want to go to an island in Spain? So I took the chance to go. I was super excited and then became super sad until I was on the plane. I had went through a lot of emotions and learned a lot of things. I still am learning a lot. Spanish is definitely one of them.

September 22, 2012


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