Project 9: Planning

Project Charter

 by Chelsea Davis

I wanted to create a site to show people who come out to our basketball games some of the projects that I do for school. So including that the website would turn out to be something like a resume for me, I also want to give to the community something that shows students in high school that student-athletes in college may have more things in common than they think.

If I were to have an organization or a name for my site I would call this organization, “Diary of a FSU student-athlete”, and its mission is to keep track of all the things I do towards being a student and an athlete. So I would post some of the websites we have done in the class on here and then I would post some other things that I’ve done in the past for fun. Also, on top of that there would be a game schedule and a little bit of how my normal week day would look like, which is all classes, tutoring and practicing with a little more tutoring after.

Creating this website will help the organization’s mission to help other people understand the life of a college student-athlete at Florida State University, through videos, stories, and pictures. There will be a number of different sources, such as, and many other links.

The community will benefit from this website due to the information given, whether or not they have common ground with the website or my life. I plan to have by any means a way for people to speak their mind about student-athletes and their way of living. This website will also help fans with getting closer to one of the women athletes of Florida State University.

The goal for this site is to draw people into the webpage and bring to light the meaning of what it is to be a student-athlete at Florida State University. Here at Florida State we try our best to show what the meaning to concurring really means to the Seminoles. Another goal would be to get a good insight to know one of the Florida State University women’s basketball players on a personal level. Each and everyone on the team brings something to balance the team on and off the court and I would show this through quotes and some interviews. Lastly, I would explain what the Florida State Women’s Basketball program is all about.

The audience for this site is pretty general. A large part of the audience is going to be anybody who is already interested in specifically Florida State University Women’s Basketball. The other audience would be high school students who are generally into basketball. Lastly, the audience would be anybody who are already involved within the program, such as graduate assistants, managers, and whom are already fans, which is majority senior citizens.

This website benefits the viewer who are on the website. It will benefit them through the information given to them about student-athletes. It also benefits the Florida State women’s basketball team because people will get more interested in knowing the team better. This will also benefit me the most through this grade and showing my work off to the part of the world that is interested, such as other graphic designers. It would also show some of my skills as a web designer. Showing the little skills that I do have.

I would want the audience that visits the site to support Seminole women’s basketball and come out to more of our games. I also would like for people to talk to their kids about college and joining the athletic community. I would also like for people to blog about some type of submission of art that they have done to get some more ideas out in the world. I would also like for the people to understand the different similarities and lives that artists and athletes have in common with the real world.

Well I want to use good graphics, colors, and links to show different ways to gain information about the Seminole program, and what the art field has to offer students. Give some people things to do while waiting for the next update.

I will measure my success of the site by the amount of people who respond on the website. I could also measure it by the amount of people who visit every day.

I will continue updating links and art projects that I do in nearly all of my classes dealing with art.

This site will contain at least eight pages chunked into three categories. That is a strict requirement.


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