Who are you?!


To introduce myself, my name is Chelsea Davis. Born in Long Island, New York and attended Middletown High School and was a four year varsity starter. Named honorable mention all-state as a freshman before earning first team honors my sophomore through senior years. I was named 2009 Delaware Player of the Year and garnered all-state honors all four years there. I finished my career with 1.912 points and more than 1,000 rebounds, averaging 22.2 points and 13.5 rebounds per game in 2009. My jersey number was retired.

I continued my career to play at Florida State University for four year on a full scholarship. I finished scoring over 1,000 points and was named 2013 ACC Player of the week in January 2012. I graduated with a Fine Arts degree specific for Graphic Design at Florida State University. I plan to do some type of graphic designing where ever my basketball life takes me.

My basketball career continued overseas where I have played my last two seasons in Spain and Quito, Ecuador. While playing the game of basketball never ends for me, I still share my experience and teach my talents as a USA Basketball Certified Coach with Sharpshooters Elite Basketball.

When the time comes, I would love to direct or produce my own movies, such as animated movies or small scenes such as the scene in Spiderman 3 where the “sand man” was being regenerated. That’s one of my favorite of all time scenes! 🙂 But until then I am excited to keep doing what I love to do with basketball and teaching my skills to others as well as sharing my experiences with the world.

I like to work with Photoshop, InDesign and Final Cut Pro but I have made my way around Illustrator, iMovie, Adobe Flash and more. It kind of helps when you join Creative Cloud online so you can get all the updated software for fairly cheap. I hope to get some more experience with other programs, such as Maya and more expensive ones later. Enjoy getting to know me through my ‘epicness’ and creativity.



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