The number one question I get about basketball is, “Why haven’t you gone to the WNBA?” or “Have you thought about going to the WNBA?” and my answer to that is, “Do you know how to get into the WNBA?” It ain’t easy!

I know of a couple ways of getting into the WNBA. You can be drafted into it from college, but you have to the media behind you 100%. If you’re the ‘talk of the town’ they’ll take you from outside the country just to draw attention to the league. Cause reality is, nobody really watches the WNBA like that and they need the money. You can go the long and dirty route, which is to go to a tryout or training camp and get run out of the gym. Similar to how some coaches do for “walk ons” (which are people who haven’t been recruited from high school and/or haven’t gotten a scholarship for the sport), so some coaches will have them run and run and run and run some more to see how bad they want to be there and see if they actually have some skill. Also, they might treat them like freshman no matter what their age is. For example, have the walk on carry bags or hold the balls and so on and so on. The walk on could be a junior in college and still have to do all that.

See, my first semester at FSU, I was the ONLY freshman and had to carry most of the bags. I did have help but I still had to do most of the work and if I have to go through that again, I say damn that.

The last way to get in is if you have a connection or way in through the people you know. Now, this is a sticky situation. Not everybody is so generous to lend out a helping hand. When I finally knew someone who could use his or her connections to get me into a tryout, it never happened. When I first went overseas to play, my goal was to make it to the league but as time went on, I got sick of the crap you have to go through EVERY year. I know plenty of women who played 3x the amount of years I played but as a small post player my knees cant take that many years.

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