Mental Problems

With a lot of time, comes a lot of thinking.

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-2-41-45-pmWhile being overseas, we have a schedule of two practices a day and possibly one or two games per week. Yes it can become very tiring but with that comes a lot of time off. If your not as busy as I am on the computer or running a business… or even doing stuff on the side, sitting around and scrolling through social media like Facebook and Instagram becomes an every day ritual. When athletes create a habit of this and watching shows all day, there’s plenty of time for being in ones thoughts. Recreating these thoughts and stressing about either being home or about the practices is not a healthy way to live. You’ll sooner or later become depressed.

In this video I talk about ways of getting out of that funk. Take life by the horns (as they say, I don’t know who but lets just say “they”) and find yourself at the end of the season with a positive attitude and happy about the opportunity you took to experience this lifestyle.


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