Get Real and Open your EYES⎮Ventlife

Point: overseas life ain’t for everybody.

You have to have a very open mind and a certain personality to get through this lifestyle. You have to invent… reinvent… and until your that person you really believe you want to be – maintain that lifestyle or character (or person)… or whatever you choose to want in your life.

I know that whatever I’m doing right now… like right now, in the past two months or however long I’ve been here in Romania is NOT the way I want to be living my life. Not now, not later. You may be reading this and asking, “well what are you doing thats so bad?”, “what is there to do to change it?”. To be honest… it ain’t much to change but consistency (my worse habit) and mental strength.

Well plus eating habits.

When your going to work and having to, just live life really, you run into negative energy on a certain basis. And if your not doing things on a routine basis to help cleanse that negativity, it just kind of sits there and builds up like a deep pimple on the forehead.

I’ma end with this. It’s just so annoying when you have a certain “lifestyle” or routine habits while home, leave a country and then is really forced to live another way. It sucks so bad.


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