“Words like Silence”

Words Like Silence

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This image was made about 2 years ago in one of my art classes. I used all vine charcoal to make this
drawing. It was a fairly large size of paper also. It’s as big as my drawing board. The lesson was about being able to draw what you see, as fast as you humanly can but efficiently. This was how I originally learned how to draw so, of course, I crushed the lesson and was probably the best in the class when it came to drawing what I see. 
I could stare at this drawing all day because I love the light to dark contrast and on top of that, the character design in making the facial expression in the female character is just so intriguing. “Words like Silence” can be taken or understood in so many aspects. One way it could be seen is that she has the one eye showing and looking sad because there was one event in her life that had mentally and/or physically had scared her and now she doesn’t even speak at all, ever since that day. Another way of looking at this is that she gets a sexual pleasure of being rapped up, having no control and/or not saying anything during sex. 
I know, its a lot but very interesting when you try and put yourself in her shoes. This is why I really like this image. And no nothing is going on with me or at the time I drew this. 🙂

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