GD, BD or Graphic Design???

Good Design, Bad Design or just Graphic Design??

Hey everyone! I just have to get a couple things off my chest. I know I’ve been away for a minute, but my bad. I’m back, so no worries. Okay, so I was up late last night (big shocker) and thought about how I should


make this post, which I’ll explain in minute, but the reason why I haven’t been able to post much in the past week was because I was working on a different number of new images that I will be posting in the VERY near future.

Okay, so this image is my most recent work. This is my personal advertising so you may take it and use it how ever you like, as long as you use it for its purpose. 🙂 That’s me, if you didn’t get my drift. Anyway, I made this all on InDesign with a couple of Photoshop effects.

In the eye of my design there are my initials (Cd). The “c” is uppercased and the “d” is lowercased. Then I put the little spin of “Cd iDesign” on there. I know, I know, it cheesy but I thought it was kind of catchy. Since this is a banner and not a business card, there are no additional information but on my business its on there and then I made a version for Facebook.

Now, I made this the title because I wanted to ask my followers, if this was just an okay design, so it would go under the “good design” category, or if it was below average, which would go under “bad design”. But if you think that its just down right awesome, than it would go under “graphic design”.

Well thank you for reading yet another post from me and let me know what you think. I am very open for constructive criticism, so lay it on me but be respectful!



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