Hand Illustration


Does Anyone See A Pattern?

I guess I do have a little pattern in my work but I really do like using what I put down on paper and editing it on any type of program. I used InDesign to do a quick edit on this drawing. Again for a class project I used ink to draw an image. Now, in the picture you may see a large gradation of shades. Yes, this was all pen. It took forever for me to get that background black and I think I had went through a whole pen before actually finishing.

Now, I ask this question but what I really mean is, “Is this really okay?” I like the little color I added to it but if there were anything else to do with it, what would you do. Okay, so you might ask yourself, “why would she ask me about her work?” Good question!

The way I see it is that everyone is an artist in their own ways and if I can combine my life with the interaction in my community into my art, than that and, only that is the time I can  be an awesome artist.


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