Halloween Experiment

Halloween Experiment

I like to try to have a fun life, you know? So this is another way I try to enjoy it, by making funny faces in pictures


and of course, I was bored and took a picture of myself to edit on my phone again. My favorite time of the year is Halloween so I wanted to make a picture that was some-what scary looking. You might see a pattern of that in my work as I keep on posting them.

So the way I made this image, I first took a picture of myself and then changed it to black and white. I also kept the red part in the eye, which I added later. Then I added a, I think it’s called, “solorized” edit to it. Don’t quote me on the name of that edit because for some reason, my phone wont let me open up the app right now. Overall, I just combined to two edits and erased different layers to what I wanted to show or not show.
I was hoping that the juxtaposition between the two would work out well, which I think I pulled off well but what do you think?

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