Bored Pen Drawing – Variations


A bigger version of these images are located under the “Portfolio Images” tab at the top of my blog. 
The first image I made because I liked the dramatic chiaroscuro look with the sharp light to dark shadows. I also actually did these images on my phone as well. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of time on my hands but I am always on my phone and on a paper. 🙂 
I honestly didn’t think that the drawing would look any good with color but after I put this


 one together, I couldn’t help but get attached. 
I made this image due to my “colorful” spirit. In other words, out-going, but I really enjoy connecting all of my characters to me in some way shape or form. I like the bright sunset looking yellow to the night-time purple color at the bottom of the image because it makes it just a little more eye appealing. I also like that the fact you can see the lines that I made with the pen. 
I’ve just got to say that because of the pen, it was hard to take a photo of it due the natural light the ink would give off on the paper. So I would have to actually use the flash from my phone and angle it a bit to take the picture. That was an experiment in itself. 

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